Find and develop fresh talent for in-demand roles

A new kind of recruitment tool that helps fuel growth by tapping into unseen resources for under-served positions.


Find great people, not just qualified candidates!

Traditional recruitment tools focus on vetting existing qualifications, overlooking potential to onboard job-seekers and pre-train them for roles, and leaving a significant un-tapped opportunities on the table and slowing down growth.

Elevate Your Recruitment Game

Discover how PreHired transforms the recruitment process and boosts your growth:


Upskilling Focus

PreHired shifts the recruitment paradigm, addressing the need for upskilling rather than merely vetting qualifications.


In-Demand Roles

PreHired helps employers to connect with potential talents for high-demand roles that are hard to fill.


Talent Development

PreHired doesn't just find potential talents, it aids in their training and development process too.


Futureproof Your Business

By focusing on under-employed individuals, PreHired helps businesses create a sustainable, future-proof talent pipeline.

Your questions, answered

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Employers with large vacancy pools in roles that are suited to training and up-skilling individuals that aren't in that industry.

Unlike traditional recruitment tools, PreHired focuses on upskilling potential talents for in-demand roles rather than vetting existing qualifications.

PreHired helps fill the gap in the current recruitment landscape, providing resources for upskilling and helping employers source talent for niche roles.

PreHired aids in the training process of potential talents, right up to their job placement, ensuring a smooth transition into their new roles.

Build a Talent Pipeline with PreHired

Start developing your own talent pool. Upskill people for unfilled roles and empower their career progression.